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Girl with Goat


The one who inpires us.

Girl with Goat


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Zoya Ananya with Mr. Mac

Love Animals

Our Founder

Ananya Agrawal

Ananya is Mac's human and that is all she identifies herself with as her being. She is a working architect by profession and loves doing creative things as a hobbyist. Before APE Life, came into being, she started with the motto "Save Animals Grow Plants Live Well", with the rescue of Pro and his siblings, which eventually turned into a small sanctuary for every animal who had no other place to go. She turned Vegan in 2016, after a long haul of awareness that started with Mac entering our lives. And then started looking after her own cow, Dhanno who enlightened her to the cruel ways of dairy industry, leading to Dhanno's freedom from the cycle of artificial insemination and being exploited for milk. She now envisions to make her city, Mathura - the land of Lord Krishna, a land of the divine compassion by virtue while creating awareness about "Ending Speciesism" and see all beings with same life.


Speak up for All Animals

Our Activist

Vitthal Yadav


Love Animals

Our Coordinator

Nandini Maheshwari


Our Advisor

Mratyunjay Agrawal

About us

2014 : Initiated

2018 : Registered Society


Interaction Hours:

Summers : 5PM – 7PM Every Day

Winters : 1PM – 5PM Every Day

Visitor Hours:

Summers : 5PM – 7PM Sundays

Winters : 1PM – 5PM Sundays

Who am I ?

I am Ananya, and this place is my happy place. It is not a shelter, not just a organisation but it is my sanctum, my home and my kids who come from everywhere to live and be loved.


Highway Plaza

Mathura, uttar Pradesh


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