Girl with Goat

Cute & Sweet


Dive into our pawfull world and catch a glimpse of our precious memories.

Cute & Sweet


We have rescued and adopted a lot of animals in need. It would have not been possible with the kind support and contribution of our small family. Get to know more about us by joining and contributing to this great cause.

Man with Calf
Girl with Goat

About us

2014 : Initiated

2018 : Registered Society


Interaction Hours:

Summers : 5PM – 7PM Every Day

Winters : 1PM – 5PM Every Day

Visitor Hours:

Summers : 5PM – 7PM Sundays

Winters : 1PM – 5PM Sundays

Who am I ?

I am Ananya, and this place is my happy place. It is not a shelter, not just a organisation but it is my sanctum, my home and my kids who come from everywhere to live and be loved.


Highway Plaza

Mathura, uttar Pradesh


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