After Covid

Paw Picnic

Join us for a pawful evening with paints, potluck and doggos. We would be painting with your doggos, and if you ain't lucky enough to have met your forever companion, you can meet our doggos and fall in love. Meanwhile you can also help us deco up our farm with paints and graphics. It is a vegan potluck too, so cook up something snackible for all of us to eat while we paint. It is a double entry booking, so bring a friend along and do not forget to ask your doggo to come. WOOF!

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Feature Events

Launch of vegan India Movement

Vegan India Movement Launch

Make tehh Walls Talk - Wall Painting Mathura

Make the Walls Talk

Paw Party for Dogs Mathura

Paw Party

When we turned 7 - Birthday Party

Our 7th Birthday

Every Sunday

Meet us

You can meet us Every Sunday. It is an opportunity to enter our world of love and dogs during our open house hours from 5 PM to 7 PM in summers or 12 PM to 5 PM in winters. And we can talk about how we do things

  • Rescue & Medical Care
  • Upkeep of the Farm
  • And multitudes of ways you can volunteer with us

About us

2014 : Initiated

2018 : Registered Society


Interaction Hours:

Summers : 5PM – 7PM Every Day

Winters : 1PM – 5PM Every Day

Visitor Hours:

Summers : 5PM – 7PM Sundays

Winters : 1PM – 5PM Sundays

Who am I ?

I am Ananya, and this place is my happy place. It is not a shelter, not just a organisation but it is my sanctum, my home and my kids who come from everywhere to live and be loved.


Highway Plaza

Mathura, uttar Pradesh


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