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Our Diaries

Read stories of how we go through everyday, with love happiness and a purpose to save lives that mean the world to us.

2019Bansuri, the coffee calf

2020Dua karun ya Dua karun

2021Rainy Days

Pro of apes

About us

2014 : Initiated

2018 : Registered Society


Interaction Hours:

Summers : 5PM – 7PM Every Day

Winters : 1PM – 5PM Every Day

Visitor Hours:

Summers : 5PM – 7PM Sundays

Winters : 1PM – 5PM Sundays

Who am I ?

I am Ananya, and this place is my happy place. It is not a shelter, not just a organisation but it is my sanctum, my home and my kids who come from everywhere to live and be loved.


Highway Plaza

Mathura, uttar Pradesh


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