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About Us

APE Life, started as an individual initiative with the rescue of 6 puppies who had been relocated and left alone in rain. The pups were too malnourished and dehydrated, and we could save only 3 of them then who grew up to be Pro Mini and Book. And we went on to rescue and spread awareness about other animals over the years. After much struggle, we registered as a Non-Profit organisation in 2018, to reach out to more people in need and spread awareness about other animals in the city of Mathura.

Pro of apes
Book of apes
Mini of apes
Man with Calf
Girl with Goat
Direct Interactions
Boy with Lamb

Animal Rights

Our Vision

Every Animal is an individual in their own right just like us humans, (Humans are animals too, belonging to the class Animalia) and all animals feel pain like we do. It is our duty to be conscious of their suffering and to live and let live in harmony with nature earth.

End animal suffering

Our Mission

Other species of animals have suffered since the beginning of human civilisation, while it was a need in prehistoric times, it has taken a form of exuberant lifestyle. In our daily lives, we cause more harm than good through our ignorance and exuberance, leading to use abuse and suffering of all other species of animals around us. Animals are exploited on a large scale, for our day to day lifestyle demands of food, medicines, cosmetics, entertainment, clothing and sexual gratification. The ones our forefathers used for their good, are now termed strays, and meet their fate on our roads or beaten by our own people. Through our conscious effort, we aim to put an end to this suffering through awareness and rescue the ones in need till we achieve our mission.

Where all started

Our History



Mac entered our lives


Dhanno's Freedom & Rescue of 6 Puppies

A cause that started at home with the realisation that our cow Dhanno, should be treated the same as Mac. And it was one such day that we found a litter of puppies who had been relocated and were drenched in rain. Pro Book Mini & siblings...


Launch of Vegan India Movement on India Level as a volunteer



Immediate Goals

Build a free enclosure for our healthy dogs
More adoptions of our Healthy dogs and street dogs
Conduct Sterilisation & Vaccination Drives in Mathura

Next 5 Years

Short Term Goals

Own a Land to build our forever sanctuary
Take Animal Rights & Veganism mainstream in Mathura

In Our time

Long Term Goals

Achieve Freedom for Animals

Behind the scene

Our Team

Girl with Goat


The one who inpires us.

Girl with Goat


The one who loves us.



The one who pampers us.



The one who captures our moments.

About us

2014 : Initiated

2018 : Registered Society


Interaction Hours:

Summers : 5PM – 7PM Every Day

Winters : 1PM – 5PM Every Day

Visitor Hours:

Summers : 5PM – 7PM Sundays

Winters : 1PM – 5PM Sundays

Who am I ?

I am Ananya, and this place is my happy place. It is not a shelter, not just a organisation but it is my sanctum, my home and my kids who come from everywhere to live and be loved.


Highway Plaza

Mathura, uttar Pradesh


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